About the Author (aka Erica’s story)

I am the daughter and grand-daughter and great-grand-daughter of farmers.  As far as I can tell from my recent work on Ancestry.com by farming background goes back 5 generations on my father’s side and at least 4 generations on my mother’s side.  And I mean all of my grand-parents – yes, even including grand-mothers.  In fact as I search I can’t find any occupation than farming, gardening, or mill-working.  So I am proud to say I know where my food comes from, and, if necessary could grow, raise, butcher, harvest, grind, bake, pick, cook, roast and stew my own food.  In addition I am a science educator and proud wife of an archaeologist, sometimes frustrated but always loving mother of a son who is a Chef and a lovely daughter who wants to dig in the soil like her father (in other words she is an anthropologist/Classics major.  I started this food blog to share my stories around making dishes from a cookbook my son gave me this fall to stretch my basic cooking skills and to motivate my appetite.

It must seem hard to believe that a woman who has such a rich heritage with food would have no appetite.   But it was true.  And the reason in was true was due to a diagnosis of Acute Monoblastic Leukemia on 12/23/2011.  I had heard the rumors about what chemotherapy did to one’s appetite but was surprised when food I loved suddenly tasted horrible to me.  So after losing 50 pounds,  two years of not cooking for myself, and barely enjoying any food that was prepared for me by my loving family my son challenged me to use this cookbook and make food for myself.  This was the best therapy I could have been given as sure enough, when I read the stories by Michael and Andrew about each dish I began to crave which is the first requirement for wanting to eat…then I began researching each dish as their were steps that were new to me and ingredients I had never used, soon shopping lists appeared, the fridge was filled with fresh vegetables and utensils came out of the depths of the kitchen cupboards and thus it began… my journey back to an appetite for food and for life.  So please enjoy the stories I share and realize the audience I am writing to in my family and anyone else who wishes to know more about the transition from farm girl to cancer patient to passionate cook.


2 thoughts on “About the Author (aka Erica’s story)

    1. I am glad you read my new “About” post. I wasn’t sure if anyone would click on it to read what I wrote….but I should have know that you would! Remember it was you who recommended I start this blog. And for that I am grateful as I have had a lot of fun reconnecting with my passion for food, cooking, and living!


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